Central Saint Martins, London

Creativity manifests itself when we move beyond the boundaries of our imagination, when we look to other cultures for inspiration. Le Crxssing unites two cities inspiring each other, across music, cinema, gastronomy, fashion, art and comedy




Cutting edge art is expressed in a magnitude of variations and is the central idea that drives creativity into our festival. It's an experience like no other, with up close access to forward facing ideas from new and exciting artists. Together we have gone beyond the boundaries of creativity to bring forward a piece dedicated to the story of French and British creativity. Feel inspired, submerge yourself in artistic creation and see the world through the eyes of today’s creative minds who are reinventing art every day.



Discover something new with groundbreaking creativity that’s infused with Franco-British cinematic and cultural uniqueness. Engage in forward-thinking discussions about the creative process behind choices and work from the most unique and cutting edge actors, directors, costume and set designers. Join us for short film screenings and exclusive film previews to celebrate the silver screen.



Each nation is wonderfully foreign, with cultures to be explored and then re-explored. We can't help but laugh at each other's quirks; smelling of garlic, queuing, wearing a beret or socks and sandals. Our phenomenal line-up of comics with a unique perspective will shine a light on these endearing (or infuriating!) traits and your perceptions of Franco-British culture will be challenged.



Paris, a culture praised for its chic, sophisticated style that is both fashion-forward and timeless. London, a culture with a fashion reputation forged on setting unexpected, daring and unique trends. Both are cultures that thrive in the fashion world, breaking through the boundaries of creativity. Up close access puts you in the heart of a curated, fashion performance, led by Central Saint Martins' students, and selected by top fashion designers.​



French cuisine is known to be delightful, delicate and delicious. British cuisine is famed for its contemporary originality and fearless approach as it breaks the boundaries of creativity. Enriched by the international heritage of both France and Britain, our gastronomy experience will excite your taste buds, allow you to savour new cutting edge flavours and explore the wonders of British and French food.​



From The Rolling Stones and The Beatles to the Kungs and DJ Snake; just 4 examples of French and British born musical geniuses with phenomenal talent, whether a rising star or a superstar, the musical relationship between these two countries is thriving. They are all contributing to worldwide pop culture and going beyond the boundaries of music as an art form. Building on the forward-facing heritage and the iconic nature of Central Saint Martins, we have orchestrated a multi-genre and multicultural musical celebration.



The UK and France: a rich cultural heritage and a friendship forged through collaboration and creation. Whether marvelling at French romance or obsessing over British rock, both countries admire the other’s ability to break the boundaries of creativity.​

Le Crxssing celebrates this groundbreaking creative movement and after its launch in 2017, it is set to become one of the most unique events in London. Our avant garde festival celebrates creativity in all its forms. Through the collaboration of both emerging and established talents, we are showcasing forward-facing art exclusive to Le Crxssing.​

French, British, Anglophile or Francophile. French-speaking, English-speaking or Frenglish-speaking. Whoever you are, join the groundbreaking Le Crxssing community. Dance, laugh, eat, watch, perform and create within the spirit of the Entente Cordiale!​

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Since its launch in 2017, Le Crxssing is quickly becoming one of the most unique, cutting edge events in London. Our avant-garde festival celebrates the collaboration of French and British culture, showcased in a multitude of creative forms. Through the collaboration of both emerging and established talents, we are showcasing futuristic art that goes beyond the boundaries of creativity.


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